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Album Update

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on February 24, 2010 by viviandarkblog

First six tracks are printed to tape and on their way to NY for mastering. Lots of work left to do though!


Posted in Uncategorized with tags on December 16, 2009 by viviandarkblog

Work on the full-length continues. Saturday we had a killer 12-hour session with Scott putting the finishing touches on four of the songs. You’d be amazed how far some background vocals, some EBow and slide guitar, and, yes, a little Casiotone will go. And how long they will take.

But at least seven of those hours were dedicated to re-recording rhythm guitar tracks we had already done. For what possible reason could we have been wasting so much time retracing our steps? Let me break it down for you in exactly one word: tone. That’s right, the holy grail of the rock and roll crusade, the wily endangered species every guitar player has his sites on but only the craftiest can hope to bag, something so intangible and esoteric you can’t possibly understand it, because if you did it would melt your mind like so much burning cellophane–no, you, mortal, can only hear it, and hearing feel it, and with only your peripheral, um, hearing, because to hear it straight on would be to go insane! All of which is to say that I couldn’t really hear it, or I guess I thought I could hear it, but after the thirtieth or so permutation of guitar+amp+cabinet I was pretty much dozing in the corner. But SCOTT hears it and now YOU will FEEL it and THAT’S why Scott gets the big bucks, you get me?

Rob amid the cabs

We are lucky to have such a killer producer (with such an amazing attention span!), plus he has an amazing wife who in addition to being a high-powered attorney found the time to bake us cookies. Thank you, Kim!

Cookies by Kim

We’re lining up some shows around Boston for spring, so stay tuned.