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T.T.’s Show / Help Us Choose a Cover

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Mark your calendars: Friday, Oct. 30th at T.T. the Bear’s. With Taxpayer, Hot Protestants, and Emeen Z. Awesome to the maxx!

Now, you need to help us choose an appropriate cover song to get everybody into the Halloween spirit. Rob suggested this one:

Any other suggestions? Psycho Killer? Werewolves of London? If you suggest the song we end up playing, come to T.T.’s and we’ll totally give you, like, a shirt or a beer or something.

Tracking Guitars

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Hey blog, what’s up?

We’re back at Scott’s studio tracking some guitars, enjoying Scott’s huge collection of guitars, amps, and stomp boxes. One of the distortion pedals we’re using is called the “Red Snapper.” It’s red and has a picture of a fish on it. Scott says it was recommended to him by a friend who produces Michelle Branch, which means we can finally harness Michelle Branch’s classic distorted guitar tone. Other highlights have included the squealing, yelping, generally distressed-sounding Fuzz Factory and the nuclear-class, malfunction-prone Echoplex. It’s nice to take those tight, clean rhythm tracks and slather on some noise.

Damn the torpedoes!

Our best weapon against the Soviets

Here’s a quick vid of Rob taking a little four-bar guitar solo through the Fuzz Factory, with Scott at the controls:

We also took a field trip to Scott’s friend Tom’s backyard studio to record some keyboards on Tom’s beautiful Rhodes.

Fun times were had by all.