First Day of Tour: Boston to San Jose

[Written 8/5 at around 1 a.m. in the van on 101 south, posted a day later thanks to free motel wifi:]

We don’t know about other musicians, but one of the biggest attractions of the rock star lifestyle for us is the crazy, liberating hours you get to keep. While other people are tied into their conformist, button-down, nine-to-five cubicle lifestyles, rock musicians get to explore the freedom on the fringes of society, staying awake when other people sleep, dreaming sweetly while other people slave at their jobs.

So, obviously, we all relished waking up at 3 a.m. today so we could make our 5:30 flights out of Logan. Somehow this all went off without a hitch; personally I don’t remember most of it. When we got to San Francisco, we took a taxi to the van rental place (exclaimed our cab driver, “I don’t think this is good area”), solved last-minute insurance problems, loaded up our stuff, and we were on our way.

By the time we took the stage at the Blank Club in San Jose, we had been awake about 22 hours and were suffering from varying degrees of dehydration, dizziness, hallucinations, etc. The flashing reflections off the disco ball took on terrifying shapes in our sleep-deprived consciousnesses. It’s a wonder we got through the set. The crowd was great, at least when it didn’t look like an enormous purple coyote licking its monstrous chops.

It was great fun sharing the stage with Company of Thieves, who are all truly excellent musicians and lovely human beings. You should check them out!

We also sold some merch. One guy stood in front of the table, staring at our “I heart VD” buttons for more than a few moments. Finally he said, “I wonder if I could get away with wearing one of these at work?” Heh, right. Then his wife/gf added, “He’s a gynecologist.”

Soon: bed. Tomorrow: LA.

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